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      Exchange Policy:

      Please call 7147574556 or email Some of the below fees may be assessed as determined by Hush Beauty Lair. After speaking to a support representative they will let you know of any charges and/or fees. International exchanges on any and all goods is strictly prohibited.

      Return Policy:

      All Hush Beauty Lair sales are final. Merchandise can only be returned if your Hush Beauty Lair product is in new, unused condition; or if there is a manufacturer defect. Hush Beauty Lair MUST be notified within 24 hours of your shipment arrival date if you are going to return the product due to the above reasons only. These policies are described in more detail below and are in place to insure product quality. For all soft goods no returns or exchanges will be accepted. International returns on any and all goods is strictly prohibited.

      Time Limitation and RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

      You must let a Hush Beauty Lair sales representative know within 24 hours of the original delivery date that you are returning Hush Beauty Lair product and of your intention to return. Call 7147916283 or email Note: If your Hush Beauty Lair product is damaged due to natural causes it may be covered under our one year limited warranty. Please call 1-7147574556 or email for warranty issues. Products under warranty cannot be returned; they will either be exchanged or repaired as determined by Hush Beauty Lair. Hush Beauty Lair products must be post marked within 7 days of the delivery date.
      Any items purchased at a discounted rate via a Hush Beauty Lair promotion (including coupon codes) are non refundable and not returnable.
      Do not return any purchased products until you have spoken to a support representative as your return will not be processed and any items sent back to the company will be returned to the sender.
      You must obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number along with a filling out a Merchandise Return Form from a support representative for the reason you are returning any Hush Beauty Lair product.

      Packaging and Shipping Your Return

      It is the purchaser's responsibility to package and ship your return and prevent any damage to the products being returned.
      In order to receive your refund in full the product must be received by Hush Beauty Lair in a salable condition. Also, any free products or promotions with your initial sale must also be returned in a salable condition.
      Be sure that everything that was included in your order is in the box to receive a full refund. Inside the box please include your receipt, the return form, and most importantly make sure your RMA number is visible and clear.
      Initial shipping costs and the cost of shipping for your return will not be refunded by Hush Beauty Lair.
      The cost of what you have purchased with tax (if applicable) will be refunded.
      Hush Beauty Lair is not responsible for any damaged or lost items due to shipping your return. We highly recommend that you package your return properly to prevent damage (Or have the shipping company do your packaging). We also recommend that you purchase shipping insurance for the full price of which your products.
      Hush Beauty Lair has the right to refuse a refund if a product is lost or damaged during shipping and/or if your product is not in a salable condition. It is your responsibility to file a claim with the carrier used to ship the return if the items are lost or damaged.
      Hush Beauty Lair also holds the right to refuse the return of a used product. Used is any product that has been un-packaged and is not in its original state.
      Hush Beauty Lair can send you a call tag by your request.
      Upon receiving your return Hush Beauty Lair will inspect the products to insure that they are still in a salable condition. After we have determined the condition of the product we will either issue you a full refund or partial refund depending on the condition of the items returned. If you did not purchase insurance through your carrier and the product has been damaged during shipping, the price of repairing the returned items will be deducted from your refund. In most cases shipping damage to the Hush Beauty Lair unit will cost more to repair than the initial cost of the product, therefore a refund will not be issued. Once again be sure that you package your return properly to prevent such damage. This is to ensure product quality.
      35% restocking fee will be applied to your return.

      Hush Beauty Lair charges a 35% restocking fee for standard stocked items.
      Hush Beauty Lair charges fees for products returned in used condition for the amount it will cost us to repair or refurbish the product(s) being returned. This charge will be the exact amount it will cost Hush Beauty Lair to repair or refurbish the items.
      All shipping charges will not be refunded. This includes the initial shipping cost and the cost of shipping your return.
      Condition Of Items

      To qualify for a refund, ALL items must be returned in their original condition, new and unused, including documentation.
      A partial refund will be issued due to damage during delivery or if the merchandise was damaged by the original buyer. Used products will not be refunded or will be refunded for the cost of repair or refurbishing. See the below statement for products that have been damaged beyond repair.
      Any items not deemed salable or if repair costs exceed the refund amount then the items will be returned to the purchaser and no refund will be issued.
      Qualifying Orders and Items

      Items may not be returned for credit until you have received authorization from Hush Beauty Lair through RMA and the Return Merchandise form.
      Only new products can be returned, used or damaged products will have the above mentioned fees applied to your refund amount.